Over the years people have come to rely heavily on emails.  
Today people want to know that when they send an email that it has arrived at its destination within minutes if not seconds.  Likewise they want to know if an email hasn't actually been received.  Unfortunately not everyone can boast of such a fast and responsive email system.  
We are proud to inform you that our email system recognize these issues and ensure that emails are delivered directly to the recipient in the shortest time period possible.  Additionally it informs you within seconds about incorrect email addresses, minutes about recipient server problems.

    Virus Protection*

    Virus Protection scans incoming messages and automatically rejects them if they contain a virus.

    Spam Protection

    Spam Protection blocks the delivery of e-mail to Tbaytel Internet customers from known unsolicited e-mail sources. 

    Advanced Spam Protection

    Take greater control of your inbox and effectively filter a higher percentage of viruses and spam. Advanced Spam Protection allows users to define allow and deny lists plus, determine an adjustable spam control threshold.

Features - Anti-spam & Security

•  Over 99.9% spam blocked
•  Double Antivirus Engines
•  Real-time reports of all emails
•  Up and running in 30 minutes
•  No expensive hardware to purchase
•  Automated updates & backup
•  Admin and user level Config
•  Reduces email server load by 60-90%
•  False Positive Rate < 0.03%
•  No software to install, configure or maintain

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