IT Support on your terms
We know you need flexibility, and that’s exactly what our Help desk IT Support services offer. Need one or two IT service desk staff to work alongside your own? We can provide them. Or take out a co-sourced support contract with us and let your in-house IT support staff look after the everyday needs of your users. They can escalate the big problems to us whenever they need to, and take advantage of our expert knowledge.

 Help Desk Options:
  • Our three teams of specially-trained remote support IT help desk engineers are the heart of our help desk IT support package. Our IT support staff structure provides the most efficient and effective resolutions to your problems. Unlimited remote support is included in the standard Outsourced IT Department.
  • Our managed services support comprises proactive 24/7 service monitoring for errors, outages and security breaches, along with all the benefits of our remote, on-site and co-sourced packages. Our managed services also update servers and workstations regularly with antivirus definitions and critical patches to proactively prevent problems.
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After-hours and Weekends

Since your network is constantly working, so are we. We provide remote and on-site support for critical issues included in the standard Outsourced IT Department at weekends and after hours.
We know there's no such thing as ‘after-hours’ where your network’s concerned. Even when you've gone home for the night, your computers and servers are still working to store and protect your organization's vital information.
With our Outsourced IT Department you’ll have a team of IT professionals on call whenever you need them. Our certified professionals are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.